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Thank you!

I cannot believe I found this community ! Thank you, thank you, thank you !

I have been OBSESSED with Donald ever since I first saw him, and heard him speak. I absolutely love how he puts those idiotic Liberal reporters in their place at press conferences !....
" Of course we must eliminate them. They are terrorists who want to destroy us !"....
his straight forward leadership is refreshing. I love George Bush, but Donald as president would be wonderful too !

I ve read his biography many places, and know he has a strong military background, but I often wonder if he was in ( or probably still in ! ) and part of the CIA. Thats something that usually doesnt go public, but it seems he and George Tennant are inseperable. I know he is in a prominent position that warrants that, but I just wonder !

Anyone have any thoughts on this ?! Thanks !

PS I thought it was great when Toby Keith, the country music star, dedicated his music award to Donald on national television !
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